007Over 1 billion people of all ages and health conditions are crossing international borders each year and are going to more remote and exotic destinations. Whether you are travelling for business, pleasure, education or visiting friends and relatives Suzanne at Larry’s Pharmacy can help you prepare for a safe and healthy trip, customized for your needs.

Did you know that people travelling to the same destination may have different risks of contracting a disease based on health conditions, itinerary, season, location within a country and various other factors? Even in popular all-inclusive resort destinations there are risks to your health that you can prevent with a pre-travel consultation.

Some topics considered in a consultation are infectious diseases, personal safety, environmental risks, travelers’ diarrhea, altitude illness, malaria and other insect borne diseases.

It is never too early to book an appointment to assess your risk and develop a plan that can include vaccinations, pre-travel medication and emergency medication to use in case of illness at your destination.

For those leaving on short notice a travel consultation is still important- it is never too late to seek advice.

Call Suzanne at Larry’s Pharmacy at 902-538-1644 to book your appointment now.

Suzanne has her “Certificate in Travel Health” awarded by The International Society of Travel Medicine.